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Shen Guojun attends and addresses the General Association of Ningbo Entrepreneurs Meeting
Release Date:January 8,2020
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The signing ceremony of the projects of returning Ningbo entrepreneurs and the 3rd Board Meeting of the First session of the General Association of Ningbo Entrepreneurs (GANE) were held in the afternoon of January 7. Shen Guojun, President (Global) of GANE, and Founder and Chairman of Yin Tai Group, attended and addressed the meeting.


Expressing the common aspirations of returning Ningbo entrepreneurs, Shen Guojun said, “Current international economic conditions have changed drastically, and many industries are being reshuffled. Ningbo entrepreneurs must look at the big picture and make rational predictions, structure the development of enterprises within the bigger framework of the development of an era, national development and urban development, and capitalize on opportunities to promote enterprise development.”

Shen Guojun was of the view that the key to the strong emergence and endurance of Ningbo entrepreneurs was that they have an innate ability for market judgment and an inherent impetus to adapt to the development trends of the times.

 “Ningbo provides strong support for its entrepreneurs, and both co-exist and prosper together. After the founding of GANE, what touched me most is that we are no longer individuals but are a cohesive team that collaborates and advance together.” Once again, “cohesive and collaborative team” became a high-frequency term in Shen Guojun’s powerful speech.


It was reported that 26 projects of returning Ningbo entrepreneurs worth RMB31 billion were collectively signed. In 2019, eight GANE member enterprises were included in the 2019 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises rankings, and 11 were finalists of the 2019 Top 500 Chinese Manufacturers.

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