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Yintai Foundation donates first batch of supplies to Wuhan
Release Date:January 27,2020
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The recent COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province, and other areas has affected every citizen nationwide.


Confronted with this sudden public health threat, all shopping malls under the Yintai Group and Intime Cities immediately arranged for a professional medical sterilization company to clean and disinfect all public areas including shopping venues and office areas out of strong social responsibility and consideration for public health. The Group provided masks, thermometers and other services to the public free of charge. It also formulated and laid out corresponding follow-up contingency plans to prevent and control the epidemic.


During this time, Yintai Group has been following the progress of COVID-19. The safety and health of the people in the affected areas as well as the frontline medical personnel combating the coronavirus have always been on its mind. To support Wuhan’s battle against COVID-19, and to help medical workers do their best to save those who had been infected, the first batch of supplies donated by Yintai Foundation - efficient and nutritious meals exclusively for medical workers have been sent to Wuhan today. The Foundation purchased the maximum quantity of nutritious meals that the manufacturer could currently produce, a total of 13,200 sets, for medical personnel so that they could promptly replenish their strength and nutrition. This is Yintai’s way of protecting the health of our medical heroes. The nutritious meals will be centrally allocated to all hospitals by the Wuhan Health Department.


If we are of one mind, we can climb every mountain. Hand-in-hand, we can cross surmount every ridge. We firmly believe that working together and staying united, we can contain COVID-19 as soon as possible, and triumph over this outbreak!


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