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United Love@Togerther Working together to overcome challenges
-Shopping malls under Yintai Group extend business suspension period and waive rentals
Release Date:January 30,2020
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United Love@Together Working together to overcome challenges

- Shopping malls under Yintai Group extend business suspension period and waive rentals

COVID-19 has continued to spread in recent weeks. Yintai Group has conscientiously implemented the precautionary measures required by the Party and the government, united its commercial tenants, protected the health of the public. In addition to the comprehensive professional sterilization and donations of much-needed supplies carried out earlier, the Group has continued to enhance its support for brand commercial tenants and partners, working together with them to tide over this crisis.

First, taking the initiative to assume social responsibility, the shopping malls under Yintai Group will remain closed out of concern for the health of its customers so as to reduce crowds and lower the risk of the spread of COVID-19. It will monitor the progress of the epidemic prevention and control before deciding when the malls would be reopened.

Second, Yintai Retails will work together with its commercial tenants and partners to tide over the crisis. In this regard, it will waive all rentals in the shopping malls during the period of closure. This will significantly reduce the operating pressure of all its commercial tenants and partners, regardless of size, and further strengthen the determination and ability of the commercial tenants to control and prevent the epidemic.

Third, given the epidemic, Yintai Group will continue to assist all brand commercial tenants and partners by carrying out COVID-19 prevention for employees, and jointly raise public health and safety standards to safeguard the health and safety of employees nationwide. It will do its best to serve and protect the people, and continue to contribute to epidemic prevention and control.

Fourth, the entire Group will continue implement the highest level contingency plans. All units are to carry out virus-prevention work rigorously. At the same time, the entire Yintai staff across the country should take the initiative to take personal precautions to protect themselves, and to actively respond to and support the COVID-19 prevention measures implemented by the respective local governments. Subject to ensuring their own health, all staff should work hard to contribute to fighting the virus through various methods.

Fifth, on the basis of the first donation of supplies made on January 27, Yintai Foundation will continue to carry out international procurement and delivery of medical supplies, and help protect the health of frontline medical heroes, contributing to help win this nationwide war.

Hardships and challenges are but temporary. Yintai Group will continue to unite with the entire nation, and actively contribute their strength to prevent and control the epidemic, working with all to tide over this crisis!


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