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Yintai Tourism grants free admission to scenic areas it operates to medical workers
Release Date:February 11,2020
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Dear medical workers,

We were all caught off guard by a new coronavirus at the start of the year. At a time when families were supposed to be together to celebrate the Spring Festival, you became fearless and determined “retrograders”, and went to the affected area to courageously and lovingly assume the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the nation with professionalism and dedication. You are parents, children, siblings, but you set aside your immediate families and took the national family into consideration.

Every era has its “heroes”. At this very moment, you who battle at the frontlines to rescue the sick and the dying, and rise to challenges, are the great heroes of our time. Our greatest respect to all frontline medical workers! Although the epidemic has yet to end, we firmly believe that spring will come. You will be able to triumph over the coronavirus, and return home safely!

To express our respect, admission to the scenic areas operated by Yintai Tourism under Yintai Group will be free of charge to all medical personnel nationwide in 2020. You are welcome to tour the famous mountains and rivers as well as historic sites of the country, and experience local customs and practices, so that you can rest, relax and recuperate, help build the nation in good health, and live happy lives. We look forward to your visit!

From the official opening of the scenic areas at the end of the epidemic to December 31, 2020, medical personnel nationwide (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) are entitled to free admission at the scenic areas operated by Yintai Tourism based on valid IDs (personal ID + personal medical personnel certification).

The participating scenic areas are:

Zhejiang Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area

Fresh air and blooming flowers

An anion-filled fresh clean environment is the best place for medical workers to relax and recuperate. Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area is a state 5A-class scenic spot located in Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The scenic area comprises two major scenic spots, namely, the former Jiang residence, a major historical and cultural site protected at the national level, and Xuedou Mountain, which boasts unique tourism resources in the country, such as the world’s highest sitting statue of Maitreya Buddha in the open air.


Shanxi Yanmen Pass Scenic Area

Bold and magnificent, a renowned heritage site

Historic Yanmen Pass is one of the favorite sites of martial arts fans. A state 5A-class scenic spot, Yanmen Pass borders Yanbei Plateau on the north and Xinding Basin on the south. Sitting on the ridge of Gouzhu Mountains behind Daizhou Ancity City, is located on Yanmen Mountains, approximately 20km north of Daixian, in northern Shanxi. “The most revered of nine fortifications”, the mighty Pass, built along the mountains, is one of the main central migration paths of swan geese.




Zhejiang Yongkang Fangyan Scenic Area

Amazing waterfalls and caves with blessings from Hu Gong

Spring, a season when everything comes to life, is a good time for short-distance trekking and picnics for medical workers after work. Fangyan Scenic Area, a state 4A-class scenic spot, is renowned for its amazing rock formations and beautiful scenery. It’s long been known as “paradise on earth”. A stunning danxia landscape with towering cliffs and precipitous drops, Fangyan has welcomed travelers since the Song Dynasty. It is also famous because of Hu Gong.




Sanya Yalong Bay International Rose Valley

La vie en rose

On the day of your safe return, we sincerely hope that our medical workers can return home, and embellish their lives with a date with a rose. Sanya Yalong Bay International Rose Valley is an integrated resort featuring a primitive ecology of farmlands, reservoirs and wooded hills themed around colorful roses comprising rose plantations, and rose cultural exhibitions.




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