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Yintai Foundation completes second donation of anti-COVID-19 supplies
Release Date:February 17,2020
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Yintai Foundation has recently completed its second donation of anti-COVID-19 supplies. By consolidating and coordinating social resources, it has donated 10 barrels of solid disinfectant, totaling 220kg, to Youyang County in Chonqing, and Qixingguan District of the city of Bijie in Guizhou Province, poverty alleviation regions designated by the Central Committee of China Zhigong Party. The solid disinfectant is equivalent to 30 tonnes of liquid disinfectant which can be used to disinfect an area of 300,000 m2, further helping the locals carry out epidemic prevention and control. The Foundation recently received a thank you letter from the Social Service Department of China Zhigong Party.


After the COVID-19 outbreak, Yintai Group and its employees have taken the initiative to express their care and concern for those affected by the coronavirus. On January 27, Yintai Foundation commenced its first anti-COVID-19 philanthropic deed, donating the maximum quantity of efficient and nutritious meals, totaling 13,200 sets, that it could purchased for medical workers to promptly replenish their strength and nutrition. Going forward, the Foundation will continue to carry out international procurement and delivery of medical supplies.

Not long ago, after becoming aware of a shortage in anti-COVID-19 supplies at poverty alleviation regions designated by the Central Committee of China Zhigong Party, Yintai Foundation took the initiative to coordinate social resources, and was able to achieve the donation it made to the aforesaid regions in Western China. Yintai’s contribution provided timely support for the prevention and control of the epidemic in poverty-stricken regions, ensured public health, and put social responsibility into practice.

Meanwhile, to better safeguard public health, and to ensure the health and safety of its partners and staff, the Foundation will also make arrangements with solid disinfectant manufacturers to provide such disinfectant to the shopping venues, scenic spots, real estate projects and offices, as well as factories and mines of key cities and regions to ensure that public areas are clean and disinfected, safeguarding public health so as to competently carry out epidemic prevention and control as well as protecting services related to people’s livelihoods.


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