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Keep well!
Release Date:February 17,2020
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The fight against COVID-19 has continued to improve recently

The number of new confirmed cases nationwide outside of Hubei

have continued to decline for consecutive days

Most enterprises have resumed work gradually


After much deliberation, however, we have decided to

postpone full resumption of work yet again

and implement shift work in our departments instead

so that most of our partners will work from home,

lowering the risk of infection when commuting and working together in the office


The diligence and intelligence of all our partners

are Yintai’s most precious wealth

What’s most important now

is to ensure the health and safety of our partners

In times of hardship, Yintai is your strongest backing

Only when everyone feel at ease can we have more confidence

Everything we want to say can be summarized into this phrase

Keep well!


To our young friends who, because of work requirements,

continue to steadfastly stay at their frontline posts,

please take good care of yourselves!

We thank you, heroic warriors,

and all Yintai people who are fighting this epidemic together!


Keep well!


When the epidemic is over and spring arrives,

promise that you will come back safe and reunite with us

Let love@ flourish.


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