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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories |
(On Prevention and Control) “It’s a matter of life and death. Yintai must be socially responsible!”
Release Date:March 11,2020
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Editor’s note: The anti-COVID-19 campaign is still ongoing. Yintai Group’s partners have been extremely brave, responsible, dedicated and watchful in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. As such, we are writing and issuing a special series of reports entitled Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories to document the deeds of those who have dedicated, and are still dedicating, their lives during these extraordinary times, as an expression of our respect and gratitude to them. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all Yintai people good health and safety. Please continue to take good care of yourselves; rejuvenate and prepare well so as to help the Yintai family innovate and grow in the time to come!


At the very start of the epidemic, Yintai Group immediately activated the highest level of contingency planning, and formed a strong united anti-epidemic task force that comprised the human resources, administration, operations, property, and other functions and systems of the entire Group.


“It’s a matter of life and death. Yintai must be socially responsible!” After the outbreak of COVID-19, Yintai Group’s Founder and Chairman Shen Guojun said to all employees, “Everyone must take the epidemic seriously. Do not treat it lightly. To ensure the safety of our customers, and to reduce the risk of transmission, the Company has decided to suspend business operations at most of its shopping centers in the near term. The Company and our commercial tenants will incur enormous losses as a result, but this is a matter of life and death. Yintai must be socially responsible!”



Soon after the outbreak of COVID-19, Yintai Group immediately activated the highest level of contingency planning. It adopted measures such as implementation at all levels, and on-site offices, and meticulously planned its anti-coronovirus campaign. All Yintai Group companies swiftly engaged professional companies to sterilize their premises to ensure that the anti-coronovirus campaign was properly carried out. Many of the mines under Yintai Gold gave donations to their local Red Cross societies to support epidemic prevention and control. Its mines also carried out sterilization rigorously. Yintai Tourism’s scenic spots swiftly activated contingency planning, and carried out sterilization rigorously to ensure the health of all visitors. Meanwhile, Yintai Foundation donated supplies to frontline medical workers in Wuhan as well as to poverty-stricken regions.



During the epidemic, the work volume of the human resources, administration, property management and many other departments increased sharply, but everyone worked earnestly and conscientiously, and carried out their duties responsibly. Health tracking and monitoring, anti-coronovirus publicity, supplies procurement, hygiene and sterilization ...... these tasks may appear simple but it is precisely these nitty-gritty details that have helped solidify Yintai Group’s firm defense against the epidemic.



Underpinning these dedicated souls is every Yintai person’s determination to Let love@ flourish together and rise up to the current challenge, as well as gratitude toward strict discipline to self-isolate, and the selfless giving of others. On these wonderful Yintai people, we see courage, responsibility, dedication and watchfulness.

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