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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Caring for Others) Love@Together, hearts together
Release Date:March 12,2020
Release Media:1877

During the epidemic, severely affected regions were never far from the thoughts of Yintai Group even as it continues to implement anti-epidemic precautionary measures. From repeated donations of supplies to waiving rentals for close to 10,000 commercial tenants, from offering emergency support to frontline medical A&E teams to granting free admission to medical workers at the scenic areas it operates ...... Yintai’s partners at the Yintai Foundation, operating companies and unions at various levels have done their level best to show their care and concern for others.

On January 26, the second day of the Lunar New Year, Yintai Foundation purchased 13,200 sets of efficient and nutritious meals, the maximum quantity the factory could produce, to support frontline medical workers.


On February 1, Yintai Group Founder and Chairman Mr. Shen Guojun made arrangements for Yintai Foundation to link up with Zhejiang Jinke Household Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. to jointly donate 10 barrels of solid disinfectant, totaling 220kg, to Youyang County in Chongqing and Bijie in Guizhou Province to help the local epidemic prevention and control effort.


During the epidemic, all industry groups and direct affiliates of Yintai Group actively helped with the epidemic prevention and control effort by donating money and supplies, participating in prevention and control, and counseling, among others.

On February 3, Yintai Gold’s Inner Mongolia Yulong Mining Industry Co., Ltd. donated RMB100,000 to the West Ujimqin Red Cross, while Qinghai Dachaidan Mining Co., Ltd. donated RMB100,000 to the Dachaidan Administrative Committee Red Cross. Many of the Party organizations including the Party committees of Beijing Yintai Property and Western Hangzhou Intime City took the initiative to raise funds internally for epidemic prevention and control. Yintai in01 set up a kindness booth to provide free services to frontline workers. All scenic areas operated by Yintai Tourism offered free admission to medical workers nationwide ......


Spring 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. We will all have special memories of this time. For Yintai people, giving their utmost to combat the epidemic will leave an indelible imprint in their memories ...... Time passes, but the touching moments we retain in our hearts will turn into a source of strength that will continue to drive us forward.

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