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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ①) “What’s most important is doing your job well.”
Release Date:March 16,2020
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[Editor’s note] In the long battle against COVID-19, China had suddenly entered a “silent” mode. Behind this silence was the countless number of people who had been working hard quietly. People from all walks of life and industries had been engaged in this battle and supporting the normal functioning of society in their own way.

Yintai Group was no exception. Many of our colleagues worked steadfastly on the frontline and did their utmost to battle the epidemic during this extraordinary time. Their efforts will be remembered.


Cai Yuxiang is the security supervisor at the engineering and property department of Qiandao Lake Intime City. He served in the military for five years, and had worked in the Special Police Unit and Criminal Investigation Police Unit. During the epidemic this year, he became a warrior again at his security post.

As a result of epidemic, all the department’s colleagues were unable to return to their posts on time to take over his shift. Therefore, Cai Yuxiang returned his ticket, and remained on duty under the remote direction of the department manager. He also took up the duties of security and cleaning, and supported the work of other departments. He worked thus for 38 days.

On one occasion, he was only able to leave the company after 10pm, but the residential estate he lived in had a strict curfew which barred entry after 10pm. After a long day at work, Cai Yuxiang was denied entry by the estate security, and was forced to spend the night outside wearing the military coat his roommate gave him.

During the epidemic, Cai Yuxiang’s team was required to register, report and take the temperature of every person who entered the premises. He often encountered uncooperative people when checking access permits and health codes at the estate. He remained undaunted however, and rigorously carried out the anti-epidemic checking procedures to ensure safe entry into and exit from the shopping center.

Just like that, Cai Yuxiang persevered until the end of February when the shopping center was about to resume operations; it was then that his colleagues gradually returned to their posts. When asked when he would return to his native home to see his family, he said, “The epidemic is not yet over. I’m not going to think about that right now.”

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