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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ②) “The epidemic is not yet over. We must remain vigilant”
Release Date:March 17,2020
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(Editor’s note) Many of our Yintai Group colleagues worked steadfastly on the frontline and did their utmost to battle the epidemic during this extraordinary time. Their efforts will be remembered.


34-year-old Wang Yunli is the head of the property department at Dongyang Intime City. He experienced the longest solo shift in his life during this epidemic.

During the Spring Festival, business operations were suspended at Donyang Intime City where he was employed, but work at the property department continued. “During the business suspension, in addition to routine security and anti-coronavirus sterilization, we were also responsible for patrolling the stores in the shopping center daily.” Some of the stores had quite a lot of pre-Festival inventory, particularly the dining establishments which had stored up a lot of meat, vegetables and fruits; these had short shelf life and rotted easily. So the staff of these establishments had to enter the premises to deal with the situation.

There were more than 39 dining establishments in the shopping center, as well as more than a dozen shoe, clothing and accessories stores which required their own staff to retrieve the goods from their stores for subsequent online sales. The property department was required to meet up with and inspect them one-by-one. As Wang Yunli recalled, the staff of more than 50 stores entered the premises each day.

In fact, Wang Yunli had originally planned to return to his native home for a family reunion during the Spring Festival. However, the epidemic meant that his department’s colleagues were unable to arrive on time to take over his duties; so Wang Yunli had to stay at the frontline for the time being. Just like that, he worked alone for almost a month from the eve of the Spring Festival to mid-February.

“All my colleagues returned before the shopping center resumed operations, but the epidemic is not yet over. We remain vigilant”. He had originally thought that he could have a family reunion on the third day of the Lunar New Year, but the actual date has yet to materialize. The best Wang Yunli can do now is to keep his child company via a video link every day. He now hopes that he can have the opportunity to return to his native home to visit his parents when the epidemic is over.

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