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Zhejiang entrepreneurs battle the "epidemic" | Zhejiang spirit shines during the epidemic
Release Date:March 18,2020
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March. Spring has dawned, and work and production has gradually resumed.

Zhejiang Television has, over the past month, made an objective and in-depth documentary of the activities undertaken by Zhejiang entrepreneurs during the epidemic. Some of the precious moments of Yintai Retails were captured by the camera lenses.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Yintai Retails, under Yintai Group’s unified planning, immediately activated the highest level of contingency planning, and took rigorous precautionary measures to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the public spaces in all its shopping centers, as well as the health and safety of their customers. At the same time, all the shopping centers, Party committees at all levels and unions actively took part in making donations. Its shopping centers took the initiative to extend the suspension of their business operations, and were the first to waive the rentals of their commercial tenants during the period of business suspension. This significantly reduced the operating pressure of their tenants and partners, which numbered some 10,000. 

As a modern Zhejiang enterprise, Yintai Group took the initiative to concretely demonstrate the spirit of Zhejiang.

We believe that "all hardships will pass". May we triumph over the epidemic soon, and build a new future together!

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