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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ③) Putting hobbies and talents to good use at work
Release Date:March 18,2020
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Many foreign visitors often visit Yintai in77, which is located next to the West Lake. As in77 customer experience officer Mei Mei was fairly fluent in English, she often helped foreign visitors with their problems. Subsequently, other customer experience officers asked whether training in conversational English for shopping center settings could be held to that more officers could serve foreign customers better.

During the epidemic period this year, many employees could only work from home. So Mei Mei decided to conduct an English course for customer service officers. From February 2nd onward, she began to post five-minute lessons on her WeChat group chat, including English expressions frequently used in shopping center settings, and requested the more than 20 customer experience officers in the group chat to “hand in assignments” for the day - “My colleagues would repeat a sentence or construct a sentence by voice to me, and I would correct them and grade them one by one (with 10 the perfect score)”. Mei Mei recalled that the final scores of her colleagues were at approximately 8 in general. This sort of training continued until shopping center operations resumed. After operations resumed, Mei Mei continued to provide simple training by posting a dialogue in English on the work group chat.

“I felt a great sense of achievement when I was conducting the training sessions because I could see my colleagues making improvements daily, from saying individual words haltingly to speaking full sentences fluently. Their pronunciation became more accurate as well.”

Customer experience officers are normally responsible for handling customer inquiries and complaints as well as emergencies. They are also in charge of the online platform, such as responding to comments from the public and online services. The customer experience center planned to conduct a variety of e-learning courses with recreational themes a week before the shopping centers reopened; a theme a day for a week.

“During the epidemic, many could only stay at home. So we did the best we can to make their lives more enriching.”


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