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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ⑤) Ensuring smooth operation is our duty
Release Date:March 20,2020
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Jiang Zhuwei, information commissioner of the smart operations center at Yintai in77, was usually primarily in charge of issues related to the shopper center’s office network, cashier audit and POS machine, among others. He continued to perform his duties when business at the shopping mall was suspended during the epidemic. Working online, his job included assisting stores that had problems during cashier audits, meeting the data requirements of other departments, and checking whether there was abnormal foot traffic via data.

“Although the shopping center is closed during business suspension, individual stores will have historical cashier audit issues. Only with our help can they access POS machine records and store data to find out where the problems lie by searching through the accounts.” In addition, when other departments require data, they would seek him out as well.

When business at the shopping center was suspended during the epidemic, there should be no foot traffic in theory. One day, however, Jiang Zhuwei noticed that the data reported by the foot traffic monitoring equipment was a lot higher than his had estimated. He was worried, and decided to determine the cause.

First, he studied the staff attendance of each department. He then reviewed the video recordings based on the timing of the records, and realized that passenger traffic near the subway, take-out delivery staff as well as internal staff of the shopping center would pass by the scope of the probe, which would directly or indirectly affect the probe count, causing the data to have a high bias. Only after figuring out the cause, and confirming that the system and equipment were functioning properly, did he heave a sigh of relief.

Just business resumed at the shopping center, Zhuwei began to check the weak current shafts as well as the engine rooms’ network equipment and foot traffic equipment of the entire shopping center to ensure that the equipment of the core engine rooms were without fault, the office network was functioning smoothly, computers were working properly, and the cashier systems were operating normally.

“We are the back-up department of the shopping center. Our job usually entails basic work related to data system networks. We must ensure that our work can carried out smoothly.” These may not be earth shattering events, but are indispensable details for the normal operations of a shopping center. Many may not notice them because the result of their work is to ensure the smooth operation of all systems.

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