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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our Properties and Projects) Beijing Yintai Centre sets epidemic prevention and control example
Release Date:March 24,2020
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As the capital of China, Beijing’s special status has made epidemic prevention and control more complicated than other regions. This was particularly the case between the end of February and the beginning of March. As work resumed and the spread of COVID-19 intensified, people returning to the capital increased, imported risks rose ...... The difficulty in preventing and containing COVID-19 escalated suddenly.

As an important landmark building in Beijing’s CBD, the management team of Beijing Yintai Centre knew very well that implementing epidemic precautionary measures was crucial. Hence, at the start of the epidemic, Beijing Yintai Centre immediately set up an emergency anti-epidemic team, and formulated as well as carefully implemented the Epidemic Control and Prevention Measures of Beijing Yintai Centre. The team continued to promptly update and adjust the measures according to the development of the epidemic, government requirements, and guidance from epidemic control experts.


In the course of implementation, Beijing Yintai Centre conscientiously carried out basic prevention and control measures such as cleaning and disinfection, and used high-tech products to enhance detection and screening of COVID-19 infected persons. It also formed a joint prevention and control “two building inspectors” mechanism together with community and street districts, took the initiative to launch a “one-meter” campaign, created a “zero infection” building initiative as well as other activities, and launched a bilingual epidemic prevention service, set up a kindness booth and other services ......


This series of epidemic precautionary measures were put in place at every level, and were effective, attracting coverage from numerous media companies such as Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV Station and Beijing Daily, as well as receiving unanimous praise from all levels of the government and local street and township leadership inspection teams including that of the Beijing Municipal, Chaoyang District, CBD management committee, and Jianguomenwai Street, becoming the model for epidemic prevention among Beijing’s business office buildings. In particular, the “two building inspectors” and other measures were promoted and implemented throughout all districts in Beijing, becoming the prevention and control standard of large business office buildings in the nation’s capital.



In Beijing’s CBD, more than 130 buildings, up to 10,000 foreign-funded enterprises, and 100 MNC regional headquarters sit within the 84 square km functional district with significant foot traffic per building per day. During this extraordinary time, this was also a place of priority for epidemic prevention and control in the city.


Beijing Yintai Centre has adopted rigorous epidemic precautionary measures to eradicate the possibility of the spread of COVID-19. This is the best support it could offer to frontline medical workers and is the best care it could give to this city.


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