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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | Yintai Gold: A shining beacon in a difficult environment
Release Date:March 26,2020
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At 5am on March 6 in freezing temperatures of -17℃, Dong'an Gold Mine welcomed back its first group of 47 workers after the outbreak of COVID-19. This was just an example of the epidemic precautionary measures carried out by, and work and production resumption at the mines under Yintai Gold.


All of Yintai Gold's mining companies are situated in remote regions. While richly endowed with natural resources, modern facilities are comparatively poor. Inconvenient transportation, inadequate medical resources, and harsh weather conditions have become the top three enemies of these mining companies in terms of preventing and controlling the epidemic.


To effectively combat this epidemic, Yintai Gold responded swiftly. Its mining companies formed epidemic prevention and control leading groups comprising an epidemic prevention and control task force, an anti-epidemic materials support and logistics team, a maintenance and stabilization assurance team, and a COVID-19 disinfection team, among others. Observing the development of the epidemic was made a top priority. The implementation of “dual responsibility per post” was enhanced, and “grid-based” management for epidemic prevention and control was carried out. Every effort was made to effectively carry out disinfection and other precautionary measures at the mines and surrounding areas.


Despite the lack of abundant medical resources, all the mining companies under Yintai Gold continued to display universal social responsibility and care, and were closely united with the local communities and people in overcoming the current hardship. “As local enterprises, it is incumbent on us to do our part to support the local communities to combat the epidemic.”


Through robust prevention and control, all the mining companies of Yintai Gold have achieved the "zero incident" and "zero infection" anti-epidemic goals; production has also resumed promptly. Like the gold mine, our Yintai Gold colleagues have quietly contributed, and have become shining beacons of hope to those who need their help during this difficult time.

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