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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | Yintai Land: Building Intime Cities into impregnable fortifications to combat the epidemic
Release Date:March 27,2020
Release Media:1408

On February 14, Yintai Land’s Panzhihua Renhe Intime City quickly resumed construction after a Resumption of Construction Notice was issued by Panzhihua Renhe District authorities, Sichuan.


As the first project in the district to resume construction, workers lined up to take their temperatures at 7am before the skies brightened. On entering the site after undergoing the various anti-epidemic procedures, you’ll find that it is business as usual - excavating for foundation, binding rebars, welding steel columns, pouring concrete, lifting operations ...... as machines roar.


"An Intime City changes a city; an Intime City prospers another city." As a leading player in China's high-end commercial real estate sector, Yintai Land, with "building" as its core carrier, displays Yintai people's pursuit of high quality living to every city and its customers, as well as its care for a harmonious and healthy society.


After the outbreak of COVID-19, all of Yintai Land's existing projects such as Yintai Centre and Intime City, as well as sites currently under construction, and self-managed property assets have become new battlefields for our Yintai Land colleagues. In addition to their respective work in commercial real estate expansion, planning and design, development and construction, investment, and operations management, they have also become the vanguard for epidemic prevention and control, building one "anti-epidemic Intime City" after another.


Each construction site, Intime City and shopping center are not simply slabs of cold concrete. Rather, during the time when COVID-19 wreaked havoc, they reflected our Yintai Land colleagues' strong work ethic and care for society. They also represented solid fortifications for combating the epidemic and overcoming difficult times together.




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