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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ⑧) Volunteer services help virtuous interaction between scenic area and the community
Release Date:April 1,2020
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"The scenic area and the community are one and the same family. We will carry out anti-epidemic operations effectively where required." Preserving the relationship between a natural scenic area and the local community where it is situated is key to operating and managing a tourism project.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Yintai Tourism has formed a virtuous and harmonious relationship between scenic areas and local communities, building a solid line of defense for preventing and controlling the epidemic. All of Yintai Tourism's scenic areas have not only strictly implemented the prevention and control requirements of the respective local government departments where they are located, but have also actively participated in the community's epidemic prevention and control effort, taking the initiative to carry out volunteer services, and eagerly helping to fulfill the living requirements of residents during the quarantine.


At Zhejiang Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, voluntary service led by the Party General Branch was widely recognized by the local community and people.

On January 24, Xikou Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area had to close immediately because of epidemic prevention and control measures. The management team swiftly made epidemic prevention and control arrangements for the scenic area. Since February 1, the scenic area’s Party General Branch had volunteered to serve the local community at designated checkpoints in Xikou on three shifts round the clock by carrying out duties at major scenic areas and key traffic entry and exit points.


Giving out masks, reminding people to wear them, taking temperature, inquiry and registration ...... over time, these patient, supportive and sincere voluntary service helped foster an interdependent, mutually supportive and harmonious relationship between the residents and the staff of the scenic area.

"I was very touched and encouraged to see Party members around me being the first to volunteer to serve at the front line. They were leading role models. In the face of the epidemic, I, an average employee, should also learn this spirit of serving the people, and carry out my duty as a citizen to contribute to society." Jiang Jun recently submitted an application to join the Party through his company, and hoped to become a member of the CPC soon. He also hoped that he would continue to have the opportunity to serve the community and the people as a volunteer.


Just like that, Jiang Jun and his colleagues have quietly and anonymously helped enhance a virtuous interaction between Xikou Scenic Area and the community.

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