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Yintai's Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ⑨) The "valiant woman gatekeepers" of Yanmen Pass Scenic Area
Release Date:April 2,2020
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Yanmen Pass Scenic Area, located at Xinzhou, Shanxi Province, is a key scenic spot operated and managed by Yintai Tourism. Historically, this was the place where numerous heroic and legendary figures have dedicated their lives to protecting people, country and family. Today, a new group of guardians similarly guard this place to resist attack from the coronavirus.

Scenic area medical staff Zhang Yan is one such modern "woman gatekeeper". Together with other hardworking colleagues, they resemble an army garrisoned at the frontier.


In early March, as the epidemic situation improved significantly, Yanmen Pass Scenic Area prepared to reopen. How to carry out epidemic prevention detection effectively after the scenic area reopened became another work priority. When Zhang Yan found out that the epidemic prevention and control gateway required help, she took the initiative to offer her services, and promptly assumed the responsibility of a "gatekeeper", carrying out epidemic prevention monitoring of each vehicle and person entering the gateway, safeguarding the first gateway of Yanmen Pass.


Zhang Yan, a nursing graduate, used to work for the emergency surgical department of a local hospital. She joined the scenic area team in 2011, and was responsible for providing medical assistance to visitors.

Prior to returning to her post, she and her colleagues attended pre-job professional training on epidemic prevention so as to prepare well for their work. "When the scenic area first reopened, there weren't a lot of vehicles. In the last few days, the numbers have increased. During the weekends, the peak is a few hundred."

When she reflected on her past work experience in the hospital, Zhang Yan had even greater admiration for the medical workers combating the epidemic at the frontline. She often encouraged herself and her colleagues. "Although what I'm doing now is quite unlike the medical work I used to do, at this extraordinary time, taking temperature and other anti-epidemic work I perform are also important ways of offering protection."

Inspecting, keeping a lookout, warning, reporting ...... these routine tasks that frontier soldiers and officers used to carry out in ancient times seemed to have travel through time and space to become the current tasks of our colleagues at Yanmen Pass Scenic Area. Time has passed but our colleagues at the scenic area have inherited the spirit of responsibility to safeguard their community, becoming fearless anti-epidemic warriors here.

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