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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People ⑩) When epidemic prevention and control are compounded by fire safety precautions
Release Date:April 3,2020
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During the critical period of combating the COVID-19 epidemic, promptly eliminating fire hazards, and effectively preventing fires from occurring are key to emergency management. It is also a major assurance for preventing and controlling the epidemic.

Safety operations are often carried out unnoticed but they are fundamental work of great importance; the collaborative effort of many are required behind the scenes. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all the business segments under Yintai Group have taken the initiative to make plans, and have also performed competently in both epidemic prevention and control as well as fire safety.


Commercial shopping centers have large operating venues, complex terrain, numerous electrical equipment, complicated route layouts, many flammable items and personnel turnover. After the COVID-19 outbreak, new challenges, including masks, personal protective clothing and disinfectants, are also flammable items. In particular, alcohol and other disinfectants, if not handled properly, could cause accidents.


When business operations were suspended, the shopping centers and office blocks may seem to be empty, but safety hazard checks continued as usual. Vapor, smoke, dust, and dust particles are just some of the factors that could set off alarms installed in the shopping centers, and each specific situation would have to be verified, and relevant measures promptly taken.


Compared to commercial shopping centers, more complicated factors confront the fire safety operations of Yintai Tourism’s scenic areas. Not only must operators ensure the personal safety of visitors and local residents, they also have to ensure that modern tourism facilities, ancient architecture, as well as historical and cultural heritage and sites are safe and secure. The natural environment further compounds the challenges of this operation. Since the beginning of Spring, Yanmen Pass, Xikou Xuedou Mountain, and Fangyan scenic areas have entered the forest fire prevention season. At the right temperature, and wind direction and speed, fires could occur.



To guarantee safety, our colleagues at Yintai Retails and Yintai Tourism have put in more effort. Whether in terms of personnel or the public environment, each protective threshold is being continuously enhanced. It is precisely thanks to their watchfulness that the epidemic prevention and control effort could progress steadily in safety, and our customers and visitors can be more assured.

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