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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People 11) How can thorough epidemic prevention be achieved?
Release Date:April 7,2020
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Carrying out effective epidemic prevention is a systematic project. Ensuring a safe environment in public areas requires the collaborative effort of many behind the scenes. We have separately interviewed a number of colleagues who work in the sanitation, air conditioning system, integrated repair and maintenance as well as internal security departments. They portray many who are battling in the frontline.

Sanitation: “Sharing the concerns of customers and tenants by sterilizing the stores to prevent COVID-19”


Xu Lili is the sanitation supervisor at Yintai in77. During the epidemic, as the head of the anti-epidemic supplies team, she assumed the role of coordinating supplies procurement, and carried out logistics support competently. By liaising with the sterilization company, Xu Lili also organized the sanitation staff to spray disinfectant on the shopping center’s ground surfaces, lavatories, lift lobbies, basement plazas, fire escapes, main corridors, mask disposal recycling bins, office areas and many other areas for sterilization purposes. After procuring the anti-epidemic supplies, she realized that many stores at Zone A of in77 required internal sterilization but did not have the corresponding supplies. After negotiating with the sterilization company, professional sterilization services were promptly provided to the stores free of charge, easing the concerns of many stores.

Cleaning of the air conditioning system: “We worked together to complete a 15-day task in five days.”


During the epidemic, Yintai in77’s engineering supervisor Wang Xinyun and his team were busy cleaning the air conditioning system. As the outsourcing company was unable to come on time to clean and sterilize the shopping center’s air conditioning system, Wang Xinyun and his team promptly took over. Confronted by this onerous cleaning task for the entire in77, Wang Xinyun decided to split the task among his team to enhance operational efficiency. There were many AHUs in Zone C at in77. This made cleaning and maintaining the air conditioners extremely inconvenient, and cleaning them very challenging. “I was very touched by the cooperation between our department's colleagues and those of the other departments. This helped us finish the entire cleaning and sterilizing of the air conditioning system well ahead of time.”

Integrated repair and maintenance: “Performing each task well is contributing to combating the epidemic.”


Lan Bendong is an employee with the integrated repair and maintenance department at Yintai in77. His job scope is fairly diverse: painting walls, repairing and maintaining ground surfaces, clearing water wells, and carrying out various repair and maintenance, as well as working together with other departments to clean and disinfect air conditioners. Although the shopping center suspended business operations after the epidemic outbreak, repair and maintenance had to continue. Lan Bendong is proud of the comprehensive anti-epidemic measures adopted by Yintai.

“With the company of one heart and mind, there is no task too small as regards epidemic prevention and control. Performing each task well is contributing to combating the epidemic.”

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