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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | Let the “Angel of Light” continue to shine
Release Date:April 8,2020
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To support epidemic prevention and control, and to express our gratitude to anti-epidemic frontline medical workers, Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Scenic Area has taken the initiative to donate to the the “Angel of Light” charity account sponsored and established by the Tourism Group, and has also called on all the staff of the company to make voluntary donations and offer their love and care. As of March 13, the “Angel of Light” charity account has collected donations totaling RMB800,000.

The donations will be fully applied to epidemic prevention and control relief efforts in two phases. In the first phase, 23 medical workers who had helped combat COVID-19 will be awarded a bonus of RMB10,000 each. In the second phase, within three years of the end of the epidemic, frontline medical workers who had helped combat COVID-19 in Hubei will be awarded a “special right”. If they had encountered any group who had difficulty seeking medical help in the course of medical treatment, aid will be disbursed from the charitable fund upon doctor’s recommendation.

In addition, this charitable fund will also be used to subsidize needy Fenghua students to gain admission into medical related schools (upon passing entrance exams), promoting a positive habit of respect for medical personnel. After three years, any balance in the charitable fund will be used to purchase medical supplies to be donated to Fenghua’s medical institutions.


We believe that through open and transparent operations, and promoting healthy charitable practices, the beams of “angelic light”, comprising the blood, sweat and tears of our contrarian heroes will be further conveyed and passed on, brightening and warming the hearts of all.


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