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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People 12) The frontline “interdisciplinary collaborator” valiantly fighting the epidemic
Release Date:April 9,2020
Release Media:1405

Everyone is a participant in the battle against the epidemic.

The Spring Festival has always been the peak period for visitors at Shanxi Yanmen Pass Scenic Area but the sudden epidemic thrust the Scenic Area into immediate emergency closure.

During this period, Wang Hongyuan, who was normally engaged in cashier operations, also took part in shift work. He had been closely monitoring the development of the epidemic, and wondered how he could take part in the epidemic prevention and control work.


Hence, he thought about the correct way of conveying anti-epidemic knowledge. The first was to acquire scientific and professional knowledge about the epidemic, and to ensure that rumors should not be spread or believed. He quickly gathered professional knowledge on epidemic prevention, and became a live uploader on Kuaishou, TikTok and other video sharing platforms, telling others about prevention and control measures. He also shared some of the professional video promotional information with the company’s internal chat groups, reminding others to maintain safety and hygiene awareness at all times.

After the Spring Festival holidays, Wang Hongyuan took the initiative to propose shift work among the first batch of workers who returned to their posts under the company’s arrangement, launching a new “inter-discipline”, becoming a frontline gatekeeper firmly safeguarding the Scenic Area.

Wang Hongyuan was responsible for organizing and arranging temperature taking and real name registration for all park visitors. Each day before the park opened to the public, he would carry out intensive training in pre-work epidemic prevention knowledge and emergency management methods for colleagues in charge of temperature taking. He would also publicly disseminate epidemic prevention knowledge to visitors. Since shift rotation began, the park has welcomed a total of 4,568 visitors.

This is an all-out campaign against the epidemic, and everyone is involved. In the face of the epidemic, Wang Hongyuan did not sit idly by simply because he was a financial manager. Rather, he displayed a heightened sense of responsibility. His “interdisciplinary” attempts have propelled his colleagues to dedicate themselves to doing their work without hesitation, forming a solid line of defense for the safety of the Scenic Area.

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