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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (On Our People 13) Performing each little task well, propelling others to do the same
Release Date:April 10,2020
Release Media:1209

During this time, every time we enter a residential district, shopping center or office building, the people we most often encounter are staff who take body temperatures, check travel records or health codes for registration purposes.

And at scenic areas, this type of work is even more complex. That’s because guarding the entrance well requires more than just performing well at personnel management. Controlling vehicles and routes requires staying focused for a long period of time, as well as team work, and it is done outdoors, hence the conditions are all the more difficult.

During the epidemic, Fang Weirong, head of sightseeing bus operations at Zhejiang Fangyan Scenic Area, would always be the first to arrive here each day. The Chenglu checkpoint was the first epidemic prevention and control checkpoint at Fangyan Scenic Area, and Fang Weirong was in charge of the overall management and control of vehicles and personnel that passed through this checkpoint. When the park closed because of the epidemic, management and control of as well as disinfecting all areas in Fangyan Scenic Area became work priorities.


As the first checkpoint, local villagers and those from surrounding areas, business operators who remained in the scenic area to safeguard their operations as well as local visitors who had not read the park closure notice would often gather in this area, making anti-epidemic monitoring all the more complex. Encountering emotional visitors was inevitable. Fang Weirong would patiently communicate with and explain to them, ultimately gaining their understanding, support and cooperation.

The Scenic Area was opened to the public in an orderly manner from February 22, and epidemic prevention efforts were stepped up significantly at the checkpoints.

To ensure that code checking, body temperature taking, registration and other control and management procedures were carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, Fang Weirong would often get up at 5am, and be the first to arrive at the scenic area to ensure that he and his colleagues were well prepared for checkpoint duties, which involved performing individual checks and registration for more than 1,500 people per day at its peak.

During the epidemic, Fang Weirong had stayed focused and steadfast at his post. This was just an example of the epidemic management and control team at Fangyan Scenic Area. In this battle against an invisible enemy, our local traffic coordination, vehicle fleet, checkpoint, law enforcement and environmental sanitation colleagues had similarly dedicated their efforts to quietly safeguard the safety of the scenic area each day: Party members had made donations to the anti-epidemic effort at Fangyan, the Party Branch had taken the initiative to sweep and clean the scenic area, and preparations were made to reopen the scenic area in an orderly manner ...... It was precisely the concerted effort of the scenic area’s staff, and the putting into practice their respective duties and responsibilities in minute areas that guaranteed the safe reopening of the scenic area.

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