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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ①) Live streaming sales a boon for the “stay-at-home” market
Release Date:April 15,2020
Release Media:1391

“Our live streaming today is all about Adidas, with a 50% discount max for the entire session. We’ve also prepared trending product sell-out segments, and exclusive benefits during the session, so stay tuned!” One afternoon in March after operations resumed, a number of streamers worked together skillfully to begin live streaming at Yintai Retails’ Western Hangzhou Intime City.


This live streaming attracted more than 18,000 views with peak concurrent live views of close to 400, and more than 70 transactions concluded during the live streaming. Live streamings such as this are held once a day at Western Hangzhou Intime City, with live streaming sales a daily business activity at this time.

Western Hangzhou Intime City took part in TikTok’s March 18-20 “Shop on cloud at home” event with live streaming specials with Adidas, placing fourth nationwide and first among shopping centers in this first event of its kind launched by TikTok.


In fact, all the other shopping centers under the Yintai Group also held live streaming events together with numerous brands. In particular, the trending product live streaming held by Dongyang Intime City boosted our commercial tenants’ sales by 1000%, and the live streaming of artwork by Yintai in01 was hailed “a breath of fresh air in live streaming”. Meanwhile, Yintai in99, after more than a dozen live streaming sessions, had concluded that live streaming sales had become a must for daily operations.

With the epidemic having turned the corner, offline consumption at commercial complexes are also on the mend. The sharp rise in online live streaming platforms will further help optimize the allocation of people, product, place and other key resources and factors for commercial complexes, and create more approaches to business innovations.

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