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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ③) Living up to customers’ expectations by enhancing boutique services
Release Date:April 17,2020
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Intensifying competition among homogenized products has meant that customized and personalized boutique services have become key to differentiated competition for shopping centers.

During the epidemic, Yintai in77 and other shopping centers launched a boutique service program to bring its competitive advantages into play. This has become a key driver to business recovery.

Since its reopening, in77 has upgraded the free shuttle service it had provided to its VIC members for two consecutive years to a boutique travel service. This upgrading is aimed at assuaging the safety concerns customers may have when going out to shop during the epidemic. Based on the requirements of the VIC members, in77 has specially deployed higher end vehicles and better concierge travel service.


It is worth mentioning that the professional concierges of these vehicles have undergone background checks by the public security department, as well as physical and psychological appraisals, and have signed user confidentiality agreements. If customers were to bring their children out with them, these vehicles, in addition to providing books, food and drinks for the children, will be equipped with special customized car seats for children. There is also video recording to ensure that the trip is transparent, and service quality is tracked at all times.


Elsewhere, the in77 team will also send birthday greetings - a five-star hotel birthday meal - to TOP VIC members. As the birthday of a TOP VIC member approaches, the in77 team make preparations in advance, and send a western meal, fresh flowers and cake meticulously prepared by Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou At West Lake on the day itself as well wishes from the Yintai Group.


From worry-free travel, green channel shopping to special birthday greetings, Yintai Group’s shopping centers have launched a series of boutique services aimed at transforming the relationship between customers and the shopping centers from a mere shopping relationship. During the epidemic, in particular, customers can truly experience the intention and warmth of Yintai Group’s shopping centers.

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