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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ④)Vitalizing groups to increase customer stickiness
Release Date:April 20,2020
Release Media:1328

In a fully competitive market environment, vitalizing existing markets and expanding incremental markets are equally significant. In terms of the level of enterprise brand loyalty and corporate culture approval, groups that comprise the existing markets such as current customers and members have more apparent value advantages, that is, the essence of the so-called “fan economy”.

Yintai in77 has fully mobilized the customer relationship management system, and will increase the level of customer and “fan” vitality while it competently carries out member services. With the WeChat groups regularly built up in its WeChat public account as the basis, the shopping center has planned and organized different types of group activities to activate the chain value of these groups.

The “Fun Auction” held once or twice weekly is quite popular. Based on auctioning luxury products or affordable luxury boutique products, it makes shopping more interesting and captivating, and has attracted significant customer participation.


The products auctioned at the “Fun Auction” are primarily high-end lifestyle products. Each session attracts close to 100 participants and is very lively. The products are ultimately sold at less than 10% discount to the original price, and occasionally, at a premium.


Currently, the in77 boutique products guild group alone has close to 500 members. In addition to holding the “Fun Auction”, the guild has also introduced “online shopping mentors to provide exclusive one-on-one service to customers in the group who share information and provide solutions to gain customer confidence, so that the relevant purchase requirements may be turned into actual sales at the store or at the in77 online mall.

The online mall, launched on February 13, saw sales of more than RMB50,000 on the first day, with aggregate sales of more than RMB150,000 after more than 10 days. The in77 boutique products guild is working hard to make the “Fun Auction” a fixed brand event.

To build a stronger relationship with customers, in77 will further develop the size of its groups going forward, and carry out detailed divisions and management, such as the in77 boutique products guild, and the in77 boutique products mansion, among others. By conducting daily recommendations, brand live streaming, group benefits and a variety of other activities, it aims to further increase brand influence among customers, and increase customer loyalty and stickiness so as to promote precision marketing upgrading.

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