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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ⑤) “Where our customers are, there will our services be”
Release Date:April 21,2020
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Affected by the epidemic, it is inevitable that the retail industry will face temporary challenges, but these market conditions are precisely that which will test the ideas and strength of the operations team, and better reflect the team’s ability to innovate and respond.

Yintai in88, taking into consideration the guidance of the Wangfujing Management Committee, embarked on an online-offline shopping event themed “Kind hearts, kind city, kind life” from April 18. A series of interesting events rich in commercial cultural themes were held in the public spaces of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street.



Western Hangzhou Intime City, meanwhile, launched a “Stay at home and shop safely” event which also attracted and converted massive online consumption. Take Valentine’s Day (February 14) for example. The local operations team added new services such as panic purchases of limited edition chocolates and intra-city flower deliveries for couples on this special day to facilitate “reunions” between couples in love.


At Jinhua Dongyang Intime City, the operations teams launched free DIY and other activities with the theme of Spring in mind, which saw seasonal marketing flourished. The lively eating contest saw crowds gather swiftly, boosting business confidence among commercial tenants.


As a domestic fashion hub of renown and the cradle of the internet celebrity culture, Yintai in77 has intimate knowledge of the needs of the youth fashion crowd. After reopening, it collaborated with Swarovski, I DO and other jewelry brands, YSL, Dior and other cosmetic brands, as well as Michael Kors, Calzedonia and other clothing and leather bag brands to sell trendy fashion, releasing pent-up demand for social interaction among youths.


Marketing activities aside, its shopping centers across the country have also carried out their commercial services competently by adopting a number of measures such as adding government- issued shopping vouchers , releasing the purchasing power of customers. 


“Where our customers are, there our services should be.” This is the fundamental operating principle of a retail enterprise. When retail behavior changes, retail enterprises should come up with flexible innovations.

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