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Groundbreaking takes place at second Qiandao Lake Intime City
Release Date:April 24,2020
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On April 23, Chun’an County in Hangzhou held a 2020 key project collective groundbreaking and Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) commercial complex foundation stone laying ceremony, marking the start of construction for many projects including the Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) commercial complex.


Lai Mingcheng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and of Chun’an County and First Deputy County Mayor, in his introduction said that there were key 80 projects in Chun’an County in 2020, of which 68 were under construction, with total investment at RMB23.357 billion. At this groundbreaking ceremony, 10 projects would be the first to commence construction. In particular, Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng), an integrated commercial complex comprising office, commerce, dining, fitness and recreation, aims to build a new landmark for the city.


Located at Pingshan District of the Economic Development Zone (Qingxi New Town),  Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) sits on a 175.95 mu (approximately 117,300 m2) site with GFA of about 378,900 m2, of which the site of the commercial shopping center accounts for 71.2 mu (approximately 47,467 m2) with GFA of 78,000 m2. Yintai Group will continue to leverage its innovation advantages in the construction of the Xincheng complex, and build Qiandao Lake Intime City (Xincheng) into a modern commercial complex and an online celebrity bucket list travel destination.


In December 2019, Yintai Land’s Qiandao Lake Intime City (Guangchang) commenced operation officially. As the first large urban commercial complex in Chun’an County, it introduced approximately 100 renowned domestic and foreign brands, and a range of commercial activities comprising light dining, fast fashion, sports and recreation, tourist information center, travel products, corporate dining, and a large cinema, among others. It filled the void of large urban commercial complexes in Chun’an and integrated industries with local Qiandao Lake characteristics into its range of commercial activities, offering a brand new consumption method and lifestyle for Chun’an residents. It also provided a new recreation, entertainment and shopping venue for local tourists.

When the second Intime City is completed, the local commercial integrated service projects will be further enhanced, and will better meet the consumption, recreation and entertainment demands of Chun’an residents as well as local tourists in the future.
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