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Preview of the philanthropic exhibition, Jia Yuan, at Beijing Yintai Centre
Release Date:April 24,2020
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We are all inhabitants of Earth

Regardless of race, age or gender

Earth is our common home

The preview of the philanthropic exhibition, Jia Yuan, supported by Yintai Foundation and Beijing Yintai Centre will be held at Level LL of the Beijing Yintai Centre office building between April 26 and June 7. The preview will display tributes to frontline medical workers and thoughts about COVID-19 from children during the epidemic using different methods of expression. It will also exhibit the works of artists and their reflections on the theme of Jian Yuan.

The philanthropic exhibition, Jia Yuan, is jointly sponsored by Adream Foundation in conjunction with UCCA Beijing and Shanghai Orient Securities Xindeiyizhang Charitable Foundation, and will be held at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art between May 30 and June 7. For this exhibition, children and youths aged between six and 18 years were invited to explore the “relationship between the human race and the environment”, and to create works centered on this theme to reflect their observations and thoughts about contemporary society. The exhibition comprised five sections, namely, What is Home, Cartoon Stars, The City is a Work of Art, The Other Me and I, and The Long Farewell.

To enrich and expand the horizon of children, numerous contemporary Chinese artists were invited to separately visit Hunan Province Dayuanshe Left-Behind Children Art Exchange Center, Jilin Province Orphan School, Gansu Province Guangzhi Tibetan Center Primary School, and Yuxin Primary School of CNU to jointly create artwork with local children and to collect works for the Jia Yuan exhibition.

The exhibition also called for submission of works from the public so that urban and rural children and youths would have the opportunity to dialog with their home and others as well as their future self through art.


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