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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ⑧) Leverage cultural implications to vitalize tourism at scenic spots
Release Date:April 26,2020
Release Media:1222

The marked turnaround in the COVID-19 prevention and control situation has seen a surge in enthusiasm for travel, evidenced in the upturn in visitor numbers at many scenic spots during the recent Qingming Festival holidays. So how can a scenic spot further enhance its competitiveness and increase its tourism appeal? Leveraging local culture and history, and adopting a more lively approach in presentation, interaction and participation have been the common thrust of many Yintai Tourism scenic spots.

Zhejiang Yongkang Fangyan Scenic Area used technology to create a new upgraded culture-cum-tourism integrated memorial hall - Hu Ze Memorial Hall. Based on Chairman Mao Zedong’s appraisal of Hu Ze as “an official who worked for the benefit of the people”, advanced 3D projectors and mobile sliding frequency technology were used to display Hu Ze’s story and deeds. Specifically, interactive video projection and motion capture technology was used to present Hu’s poetry and writings, and Song dynasty images so that visitors, while learning about Hu Ze’s honesty and integrity, would also be able to appreciate the beauty of ancient poetry culture.


Yanmen Pass Scenic Area similarly used relevant technology to launch a free online 360° VR “Yanmen Pass tour” experience so that visitors could tour its scenic beauty and immerse themselves in the history and culture of Yanmen Pass without having to leave home. This novel and interesting approach not only compensated for the inability to travel during the epidemic but also laid the foundation for attracting visitors in the future.


Whether it’s using technology or actual deeds to pay tribute to the heroes of the times, or integrating cultural participatory events in sales promotions, in terms of effect, cultural characteristics will become an increasingly important competitive factor to continually attract visitors for scenic spots.

China boasts an array of amazing landscapes and scenery nationwide, but only by offering a vivid and lively cultural experience as well as meticulous cultural services can a scenic spot’s tour experience become richer and more meaningful for visitors.

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