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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Our Business Operations ⑨) Integrated cross-industry film and TV IPs highlight unique charms of scenic spots
Release Date:April 27,2020
Release Media:1312

In recent years, TV series and variety shows have had an increasingly “promotional” impact on scenic spots. People may visit a place because of a movie or a program.

Shiguliao Film & TV City located at Yintai Tourism’s Zhejiang Fangyan Scenic Area is an integrated tourist area that is primarily engaged in film and TV filming services, and comprises sightseeing, cultural entertainment as well as recreation and vacation functions. It is a key component of Fangyan Scenic Area.



The Scenic Area shot to fame because it is the filming location of many films and TV dramas such as Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, The Journey of Flower, Nirvana in Fire, Joy of Life, and movies Shaolin, and Brotherhood of Blades. Its unique Danxia landform has become a popular filming location of martial arts fantasy dramas. In 2019 alone, close to 100 film and TV productions were filmed here. In all, nearly 1,000 film and TV crew have shot on location at Shiguliao Scenic Area. Together Hengdian World Studios, it is hailed as the “Hollywood Gemini of the Orient”. The current hit TV series, Serenade of Peaceful Joy, was also filmed here.

Elsewhere, Yintai Tourism’s Zhejiang Xikou Scenic Area has a “modern Nationalist period” theme. Meanwhile, in the first global Great Wall cultural experiential program, The Great Wall, Shanxi Yanmen Pass Scenic Area featured the famous historical allusion of the “patriotism of the Yang family”, once again re-presenting the thematic story of the Yang family selecting one of their sons to be the commander in chief at Yanmen Pass.



For tourists, the “Scenic Area is more than a place of scenic beauty. It is also a place where one can run into a TV or movie star and experience the plot of a drama”. Such expectations have made scenic areas with film and TV elements increasingly a choice for more tourists, especially fans.

Anchored on tourism with film and TV as highlights, the tourism industry chain is thus extended. These features help transform tourist destinations from purely sightseeing to an all-for-one tourism comprising experience, recreation, vacation, film and TV as well as wellness. Yintai Tourism is working hard to achieve this goal. 


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