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Yintai’s Anti-coronavirus Stories | (Epilogue) Let’s salute labor, and rally on!
Release Date:April 30,2020
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How time flies. It’s International Workers’ Day (May Day) tomorrow. It is also the first mini travel peak season after epidemic precautions enter a phase of new normal.

Many have spared no effort in helping to return life to a normal state as quickly as possible, and many instances have made an indelible impression on people. From this perspective, May Day 2020 takes on remarkable significance!

The COVID-19 outbreak saw Yintai Group immediately activating the highest level of contingency planning, and all its business segments and Yintai Foundation took the initiative to carry out epidemic prevention and control, as well as assume their social responsibility. They made donations to frontline medical staff, waived rental payments for the tenants of their shopping centers during the period of business suspension, donated money and supplies to the communities where their enterprises were domiciled, and offered free admission services to medical staff nationwide ......

At the same time, the safety and wellbeing of its staff were never far from the Group’s mind: it continually sent anti-epidemic materials, continued to show concern for its staff who stayed behind in Hubei, extended the period to full resumption of operations, kept a daily record of the health of its staff, guaranteed all the rights and interests of its staff during the epidemic ...... Behind these tasks lie the hard work of countless Yintai colleagues and partners. Even the simplest resistance demands courage.

Since resuming operations, all of Yintai’s colleagues and partners have taken the initiative, and carried out bold initiatives, overcoming market challenges, and helping businesses recover as quickly as possible. Although the impact of the epidemic has yet to abate, and the market remains in the doldrums, we will not indulge in self-pity. We are doing all we can to catch up and recover.

With the May Day holiday just around the corner, many Yintai colleagues and partners are still fighting in the frontline, toiling diligently to help the resumption of businesses and markets.

Aloud, we sing the song of workers, and salute all those who fight valiantly. We thank everyone for holding firm and for your accountability! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish every worker who has worked tirelessly a happy International Workers’ Day!

Let’s embark on our journey beyond the horizon again, and continue to rally on and meet the challenges ahead head-on!

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