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Shen Guojun: No time like the present stage of the pandemic to improve corporate governance and adjust strategic planning
Release Date:May 9,2020
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At a recent video conference convened by the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (GAZE), Chairman Jack Ma and Executive Chairman Shen Guojun held a virtual exchange with numerous domestic and overseas Zhejiang entrepreneurs, exhorting them to remain confident, take the initiative to improve themselves, and to seek deeper global collaboration so as to display unity among Zhejiang entrepreneurs, and to contribute to national and worldwide efforts to control and prevent COVID-19 as well as industry recovery.


At the conference, Shen Guojun, Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group as well as Executive Chairman of GAZE, gave a presentation of the active contribution made by GAZE and many Zhejiang entrepreneurs during the period of epidemic control and prevention.

In particular, GAZE actively mobilized Zhejiang entrepreneurs to take the initiative to carry out precautionary measures;  offered emergency rescue efforts to epidemic stricken regions by donating funds and supplies, and transferring medical personnel, among others. GAZE entrepreneurs also participated in two meetings to offer constructive advice and recommendations on various policies. In addition, GAZE called on the Association’s members to resume work in an orderly manner, and for enterprises that have resumed work to work toward achieving designed production capacity. Elsewhere, Zhejiang enterprises initiated charitable deeds, and donated more than RMB2 billion. During the pandemic, Zhejiang entrepreneurs actively participated in international collaboration, and injected confidence worldwide.


Shen Guojun said, “As the pandemic turns the corner, we should use this time of recovery to put our heads together and reflect on corporate governance, adjust strategic planning, and build global cooperation.”

Chairman Jack Ma urged Zhejiang entrepreneurs to accelerate the transformation of their mode of survival. During the epidemic, entrepreneurs with a high level of digitization were less adversely affected, and were the first to resume work. Therefore, the process of business digitization should be accelerated. Going forward, Zhejiang entrepreneurs must build infrastructure for a digital economy, grasp business digitization and become more agile so as to seize today and the future.


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