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Can’t wait! Looking forward to the first Intime City in Tonglu, Zhejiang
Release Date:May 25,2020
Release Media:4318

Yintai Group recently won the tender for Land Parcel 2 of Fuchun Future City in Tonglu County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Another Intime City complex will soon make its debut here.


It is understood that Fuchun Future City has set its goal to become “the new portal of the most beautiful county seat, a demonstration zone for industrial upgrading, and a high-quality residential district”. Overall plans call for the inclusion of a high-speed rail link, high-speed railway station and high-speed railway complex, among others, with an area that will extend to Huanglaoxi in the east, Hangzhou-Qiandaohu Expressway in the south, Meilinxi in the west, and Fuchun River in the north.


The Intime City complex, located at the heart of Fuchun Future City, will comprise a commercial shopping center, commercial housing, and other auxiliary facilities. When completed, renowned retail brands of the industry, cinemas, family entertainment and other key businesses will call this home, and the Intime City will become a bellwether for fashion trends and the creation of a boutique lifestyle.
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