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Henan provincial governor Yin Hong meets delegation led by Shen Guojun
Release Date:June 3,2020
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1-1.jpgYin Hong, deputy secretary of Henan provincial Party committee and governor of Henan, met with a delegation led by Shen Guojun on June 2 to discuss furthering expansion and cooperation. Shen Guojun is Executive Chairman of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (GAZE), Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group, as well as Chairman of China United Industrial Investment.

Yin Hong said that Henan, situated in Central China, was important to China’s overall development. The provincial government had kept in mind President Xi Jinping’s exhortation when he visited Henan, and were conscientiously implementing the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC. The provincial government had been earnestly implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures on the one hand, and accelerating the resumption of economic and social order, on the other. It welcomed the Zhejiang entrepreneurs’ visit to Henan at this time as well as their interest in collaboration.

Yin Hong said that Zhejiang entrepreneurs were pragmatic and forward looking, full of innovative and entrepreneurial dynamism. He hoped that Zhejiang entrepreneurs would seize opportunities, invest in Zhengzhou, and start businesses in Henan. For its part, Henan would enhance its service capacity, create a good business environment, and promote win-win partnerships so that mutual growth may be achieved.

Shen Guojun thanked Henan for its long-term support of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, and gave a presentation on the state of the economic development of private enterprises in Zhejiang as well as that of GAZE. He said that Zhejiang enterprises were actively seeking growth opportunities, exploring potential for collaboration, and accelerating project development in Henan to facilitate socioeconomic growth in the province.


That day, Zhengzhou authorities met with the GAZE delegation for an in-depth exchange on furthering and strengthening communication and cooperation, and reached a broad consensus. Xu Liyi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the Party secretary of Zhengzhou, presided over the meeting, while Wang Xinwei, vice governor of Henan and mayor of Zhengzhou, gave a presentation on the status of Zhengzhou.

Shen Guojun thanked the Zhengzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government for their support. He said that Zhengzhou’s socioeconomic growth had been impressive over the last few years, and people were confident about developing in Zhengzhou. Going forward, GAZE would better leverage its own strengths and help Zhejiang entrepreneurs find more partnership opportunities, and actively promote high quality socioeconomic growth in Zhengzhou.

After the meeting, the GAZE delegation carried out an on-site inspection of the Zhengdong New District CBD and its night-time economic development. Leaders of the relevant departments of Zhengzhou and some company leaders of GAZE took part in the activities.

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