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25 brands open their first or flagship stores en masse at Yintai in77
Release Date:June 7,2020
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With the official opening of the largest lululemon store in China and the Huawei Authorized Experience Store Plus on June 6, in77 will usher in a wave of first and flagship store openings in China by 25 renowned global brands in 2020.

The rapid agglomeration of first and flagship stores reflects the brand effect and appeal of Yintai Group and in77. These new stores will not only introduce new brand cultures to the Hangzhou and Zhejiang markets, but also introduce new ways of business operation and management as well as retail experiences that will better meet local consumption upgrading requirements.

The new 697m2 Huawei Authorized Experience Store Plus, located at in77’s Zone E, is a counterpoint to Apple’s largest retail flagship store in Asia located in in77’s Zone B. On June 6, the day of the opening, the Huawei Mate Xsand P40 Pro series were completely snapped up, setting a new nationwide record for its single store sales.

The newly opened lululemon store, the brand’s largest in China in terms of floor area, has for the first time, partnered community partner, Space, a sports and fitness brand, to set up a music, fashion and fitness community space. In addition to a sportswear retail section, the store has a light dining area featuring Smoothie Bowl, and also offers sweat workouts for its community members.

As the national-level Hubin pedestrian street flourishes, its core commercial entity Yintai in77 has been actively innovating and upgrading, consistently improving both its brand services and shopping experience. To date, it is home to the flagship stores of Hermès, LV, GUCCI and other global luxury brands, as well as the first NIO House and Victoria’s Secret Full Assortment Store in Zhejiang, Asia’s largest Apple retail flagship store, adidas Urban Brand Center, and other flagship stores. This commercial complex, located closest to the West Lake, is the undisputed magnet of flagship stores and first stores in Zhejiang, leading Hubin Pedestrian Street and Hangzhou’s commercial entities toward the path of development.

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