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Yintai Group’s Beijing enterprises quick to reinforce COVID-19 prevention and control measures
Release Date:June 14,2020
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Yintai Group’s enterprises and projects in Beijing were quick to reinforce COVID-19 prevention and control measures following recent reports of confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Since June 12, the Group’s headquarters and relevant departments of each company had begun to issue health and precautionary tips to their staff, continued to disinfect the office areas daily, and resumed body temperature checks. In addition, visitors were subjected to rigorous checks such as registration, and body temperature checks.


With effect from June 13, Yintai in01 and Yintai in88 began checking and tracing the sources of goods supply at all restaurants and dining outlets in the shopping centers. Disinfectants, hand wash, thermometers and other COVID-19 prevention materials continued to be provided to store visitors, who were reminded to wear their masks, and present their health kit app certification; body temperatures of the visitors were also taken.


Although the Beijing authorities have since lowered the public health emergency response level, Yintai Group’s Yintai in01 and in88 have not eased their disinfection efforts. They have also continued to collect the travel records and health status of their staff, request that store employees wear masks at all times, as well as carry out disinfection and other precautionary work.

With the resurgence of COVID-19, Yintai Group will continue to closely monitor the prevention and control situation, enhance safety and security, and effectively carry out all precautionary measures to engender a healthy and worry-free working and shopping environment for all.

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