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First Lego flagship store in Zhejiang opens in Yintai in77 and sets new sales record
Release Date:June 25,2020
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The first Lego flagship store in Zhejiang officially opened in Yintai in77 on June 25. Neither the pandemic nor the persistent rainy weather in Hangzhou dampened the enthusiasm of Lego aficionados. By 4pm on the day of the opening, sales had already exceeded RMB2.4 million.


Some of the aficionados braved the rain to queue outside the store overnight just so they could lay their hands on their favorite Lego toys in the first instance. In addition to local shoppers from Hangzhou, it was understood that many more came from out of town such as Shanghai.


It was reported that the Lego flagship store, occupying gross floor area of 527 m2 on Level 1 of Zone D in Yintai in77, will link a creative fun experience closely with Hangzhou’s traditional culture. Its overall style is distinctly Chinese with accents of the unique West Lake culture of Hangzhou.



The store also boasts a novel “fusion fun” experience, combing real and digital fun experiences so that Lego fans across the age spectrum can join in the fun.

The opening of Lego’s Hangzhou flagship store, the fourth in Asia, adds another attraction to Yintai in77. What’s even more worth anticipating is the opening of more than 20 first and flagship stores in Zhejiang or nationwide at Yintai in77 over the coming months. These brand new stores will introduce novel brand cultures to the Hangzhou and Zhejiang markets, as well as new business methods and consumer experience, so that higher retail requirements of local customers may be better met.
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