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Yintai in77’s Yinyan Summer Vintage Market takes Hangzhou by storm
Release Date:June 27,2020
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As COVID-19 prevention and control enter a comprehensive market and business resumption phase in China, Yintai in77 is taking the initiative to innovate, and further boosting the evening economy. Putting prudently laid-out plans and administration in place without easing any of the COVID-19 precautionary measures, it has attempted to introduce a “street vendor economy” to promote consumption growth.

From June 25 to 27, “stalls” were set up for the first time in Zone E of Yintai in77 as part of the “Bargain Buys Round 7 - Yinyan Summer Vintage Night Market” activity, offering Hangzhou a summer lifestyle experience tightly tied to prevailing trends as well as the long-absent “street vendor economy” experience.


The heavy rainstorm on June 25 did little to stall enthusiastic Hangzhou residents from going to in77. As at 10pm on June 26, more than 20,000 tickets were sold in just two days, with total merchandise sales exceeding RMB3 million.


As the heavyweight event for Yintai in77’s Tuanwu Festival celebration, Yinyan Market drew crowds of visitors. Vintage was the overall style of the market, where boutique stalls and trend-setting stall owners from more than 30 cities and over a dozen provinces nationwide gathered. There were more than 70 stalls in total encompassing every aspect of vintage culture. Yinyan Market also presented a unique music experience for its customers.




The Market attracted shoppers and visitors to in77, who were still queuing to enter the premises after 12. It was that popular!

As the trend-setter and core commercial district of Hangzhou, Yintai in77 will continue to communicate West Lake’s exquisite lifestyle concept to each consumer. Going forward, it will further enhance service details to make them more precise to afford consumers an updated shopping environment as the pedestrian street reopens so as to present a landmark shopping experience particular to the lakeside business district.

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