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Ocean alert! Shen Guojun and Ray Dalio in partnership to protect the ocean
Release Date:July 21,2020
Release Media:1619

On July 21, the Paradise Foundation and OceanX, an ocean exploration initiative founded by Ray Dalio, announced a three-year strategic partnership to protect the ocean. Both Ray Dalio and Shen Guojun, Founder and Honorary President of Yintai Foundation and Executive Chairman of the Paradise Foundation, sent messages to mark the launch of this strategic partnership calling for ocean conservation.


Over the next three years, the Paradise Foundation and OceanX will jointly advance scientific research and exploration of the ocean, promote professional exchange and dialogue, and raise public awareness to protect the ocean.

Shen Guojun, Executive Chairman of the Paradise Foundation said, “the Paradise Foundation focuses on nature conservation and marine protection. Together with OceanX, we hope to make joint efforts on exploring and protecting the ocean, and sharing the importance and wonders of the ocean to the public.”

Ray Dalio, Co-Founder of OceanX said, “OceanX is on a mission to explore the earth’s oceans and bring our discoveries back to the world, and that’s why we are so excited to be partnering with the Paradise Foundation to share our stories with a wider Chinese audience.”

Ecological and environmental conservation has always been a key area of philanthropy of long-term priority and active commitment for Yintai Foundation. In 2016, Yintai Foundation and the Paradise Foundation jointly launched the “Blue Pioneer” program, which is dedicated to developing talent in the field of marine conservation in China. Over the next decade, the program aims to nurture 100 talents in marine philanthropy, and incubate 20 marine non-profit organizations. To date, the program has conducted three training sessions involving more than 60 students in total.

Going forward, Yintai Group will continue to create strategic philanthropy by adhering to a concept of shared value and platform thinking.


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