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Hangzhou Hubin Pedestrian Street awarded “National Demonstration Pedestrian Street”
Release Date:July 23,2020
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On July 22, the Ministry of Commerce held a news briefing on the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets, and released the first five pedestrian streets that were awarded “National Demonstration Pedestrian Street”, which included Hangzhou Hubin Pedestrian Street.


In December 2018, Hangzhou Hubin Pedestrian Street was listed as a pilot in the first batch of pedestrian streets for the transformation and upgrading program. To date, Hubin Pedestrian Street is home to more than 1,600 local and foreign brands, and offers an enjoyable one-stop experience in high quality shopping, tourism, dining, accommodation and entertainment services.


With its reputation as a National Demonstration Pedestrian Street as the new starting point, Hubin Pedestrian Street, a new commercial landmark in Hangzhou, aims to become a “window for the city” by featuring the most fashionable, intelligent and cultured new consumer demonstration street district and by markedly improving the quality of the city so as to help build Hangzhou into a renowned world city of unique charm and distinct wonders.


Presently, Phase II of Hubin Pedestrian Street, which is undergoing construction, will expand northward to Qingchun Road, southward to Changsheng Road, eastward to Yan’an Road, and westward to the “spoon shaped” district of Taiping Lane. It will sport a new look before the Chinese National Day this year.

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