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Shen Guojun attends General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs chairmen work conference
Release Date:July 23,2020
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The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (GAZE) convened a chairmen work conference on July 22. At the conference, the means enterprises of Zhejiang entrepreneurs should adopt to survive and develop under the new situation were discussed. The participants also studied the important speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the July 21 symposium with entrepreneurs. GAZE Chairman Jack Ma attended the meeting, and Shen Guojun, Yintai Group’s Founder and Chairman as well as Executive Chairman of GAZE presided over the meeting. All founding vice presidents and core members of GAZE attended the conference.

Shen said that during the time COVID-19 had been spreading around the world, Zhejiang entrepreneurs had contributed actively to nationwide and global COVID-19 precautionary efforts. At the same time, they had also conscientiously and diligently operated their businesses, and shouldered their social responsibilities, fully reflecting the spiritual qualities of Zhejiang entrepreneurs - tenacity, unity and wisdom. Zhejiang entrepreneurs had always “originated from crisis, grown in crisis, and succeeded in crisis”. Going forward, their primary consideration should be how they could continue to expand their influence across the country, and indeed around the world, and to further bolster the future of China’s economy by managing their own businesses competently.


At the conference, the participants studied the important speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the July 21 symposium with entrepreneurs. The participants said that the important speech of President Xi was uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging to entrepreneurs. Going forward, GAZE would lead enterprises in overcoming the current challenges by seeking greater market potential, and by effectively adopting technology, innovation, digitization and other measures. The Association would also promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, and work hard to play a key role in building a new development landscape for the new era, constructing a modern economic system, and advancing high quality growth.

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