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Light of Yintai | What is it like to be a customer service officer at a shopping center?
Release Date:August 12,2020
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Recently, a group of new guides have appeared at Yintai in77. They wear uniform T-shirts with a service pouch at their waists containing adhesive bandages, mosquito repellent, iodine cotton swabs and other supplies so that customers can promptly avail themselves to these when necessary.


In fact, they are not professional customer service personnel. For almost a month now, Yintai in77 has launched the second “all-staff service month”. More than 100 employees from many departments such as marketing, engineering and property, regardless of their job positions, have all gone out to the streets and/or entered the shopping centers to experience the daily routine of a customer experience officer. Many senior level management personnel have also temporarily cast aside their regular role as managers to take on the role of rank-and-file staff, serving at the frontline to once again experience the “consumer-first” service philosophy of Yintai in77.


At Yintai in77, customer service personnel are called “customer experience officers”. From this unique name, one can tell that customer service is extremely important here.

Other than providing guiding services in the shopping center, these interim customer experience officers also have to go out to the streets, and work together with branded stores to serve ready-brewed herbal tea to customers as well as cleaning and repair and maintenance workers who are passing by.


Nineteen employees from the operations department of Yintai in77’s marketing management center also had a unique experience working as store shopping advisors.

In truth, it’s not unreasonable to expect the stores to have doubts. After all, the work performed by a shopping advisor is often a lot more complicated than that of a guide: they have to be familiar with the merchandise, learn to stacking goods, learn how to man the cashier system, as well as a whole series of other service processes.


“The work of the operations department is precisely to help stores solve their problems. It is a key link between the stores and the shopping center. Having a first-hand store experience can help us better understand the actual operations of a store, so that we can do our work better in the future.”

This experience has also enhanced the understanding and communication between store and shopping center managers.

The post rotation experience has helped improve understanding of the operations and management of customers and stores, and even the entire shopping center.

A service guide said, “The theme of this all-staff service month is making it more exciting for you, and serve wherever you are. Excitement shouldn’t be limited solely to my job scope. Rather, I should pay attention to the needs of each customer, and provide genuine assistance. That too helps make the entire Yintai in77 exciting.”



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