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“Sunset Bazaar” at Yintai in77 opens officially
Release Date:August 15,2020
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“Sunset Bazaar” officially opened on August 14, and the Hangzhou night economy, capitalizing on this opportunity, was formally launched.

Under the guidance of Hangzhou’s Shangcheng District CPC committee and government, and with strong support from Hubin Pedestrian Street, Yintai in77, together with Wahaha Group and Zhejiang Radio & TV Group Oxygen Entertainment jointly set up a temporary pedestrian street - “Sunset Bazaar” - located between Zone E of Hubin Shangquan and Dongpo Road.


The temporary “Sunset Bazaar” pedestrian street, some 200m long, is open for business from 16:00 to 23:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and offers specific markets and various thematic activities.



Yintai in77 will work together with nationwide brands to introduce a diverse range of creativity to bring together the night economy, current trends and cultural leisure activities so as to enhance the experience of both residents and tourists at this setting, creating a new artistic landmark of unique charm in Hangzhou.



“Sunset Bazaar” boasts more than 100 stalls focused on trendy, customized and niche items of quality with a diverse range of styles from limited-edition fashionable shoes to vintage. Top merchants from Shanghai’s Anyi Night Market are also present at this Bazaar. What’s more, these brands will continue to update their merchandise.






Based on the three-day trial run from July 31 to August 2, Sunset Bazaar has attracted approximately 20,000 customers per day on average, up nearly 27% year-on-year for overall customer flow at Yintai in77’s Zone E; it was also 45% higher than the average weekend customer flow in July.

Sunset Bazaar brings together commercial trends, fashionable art, and cultural leisure activities, featuring unique characteristics and charm. Sunset Bazaar is just the beginning. The night life of post-COVID-19 Hangzhou is set to become more interesting going forward.



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