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Light of Yintai | Experience warm and hospitable service at Xikou Scenic Area safely
Release Date:August 21,2020
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The July-August peak travel season is back. Whatever your travel destination, ticketing officers are a group of people you’re bound to come into contact with at scenic areas. This time round, we’re off to Yintai Tourism’s Xikou Scenic Area to observe the daily routine of its young ticketing officers.

Fenghao House, situated at the western section of Wuling Road in Xikou, is the former residence of Chiang Kai-shek and his son, Chiang Ching-kuo. It has always been an important landmark of the scenic area. A popular attraction, it is the first destination of many visitors. Hence, this is also the first place where staff will experience a lot of pressure each peak travel season.


Three months ago, Hu Xue, a native of Chunhuzhen, Fenghua, Ningbo, became the head of the Fenghao House team. She joined the service team as a ticketing officer upon graduation in 2014. Over the last five years, she has worked at the ticketing entrances of almost all of the scenic spots in Xikou.

Staff at scenic areas do not enjoy a five-day work week; rather, they work three consecutive days followed by a rest day on the fourth day.

“Public holidays and festivals, in particular, are our busiest period.” Hu Xue has spent almost every public holiday and festival over the last five years with her colleagues at the scenic area.

Given the special conditions to prevent and control COVID-19 this year, the team members have to repeatedly remind each visitor entering the scenic spot to wear their masks correctly and to present their “health codes” at the entry gates every day. They also have to help visitors collect their “green codes” and buying admission tickets online. During weekends or peak holiday periods, they have to “act” the same way repeatedly several hundred or a thousand times each day. Sometimes, they are so busy they don’t even have time to eat.Middle aged and elderly as well as returning tourists comprise a larger proportion of the visitors to the scenic area. Many do not know how to apply for the health code. These are instances where the team members are called to assist the elderly tourists with their application.


In addition to performing her basic duties competently, Hu Xue would also often ask the visitors what types of attractions they were interested in, and offer constructive advice.

After working at ticketing for five years, does she find each day repetitive? Not so. “Performing my assigned duties competently, and coming up with ideas to do it better with greater precision can also help me get promoted and noticed.”


Not long ago, the Fenghao House team won the excellent service team award. In addition to the title of “Excellent Service Team”, it has also won other honors such as the “National Youth Model Unit Award” and “Creative Team” over the years.


When visitors recall their trip to Xikou, they will reminisce about the beautiful natural scenery, and the rich history and culture of the scenic area. They will also remember the warm and hospitable services provided by the team at Xikou. A wonderful seed has thus been sown in the memories of those who visited Xikou, which will take root and sprout over time.

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