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The arts back on stage as the Theatre reopens
Release Date:August 24,2020
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As Hangzhou’s COVID-19 situation eased, Dongpo Theatre at Yintai in77, operations of which had been suspended for more than 200 days, officially opened its doors on August 21 by adopting visitor reservation and quota measures as well as carrying out prevention and control measures at all times.

When the pandemic was raging, the Theatre had equipped itself with professional COVID-19 prevention and sterilization supplies, and had regularly sterilized and disinfected public areas such as the ticketing center and the interior of the Theatre. Maintenance and preservation of the stage equipment were also carried out to ensure that performances could be held successfully when they resume at the Theatre.


The Theatre rigorously implemented visitor reservation and quota measures, limiting seating capacity in the Theatre to not more than 50%. Seating of patrons was reconfigured to ensure that they sit at least one meter apart. As with entering other public venues, only patrons with masks may enter the Theatre to watch a performance upon presentation of their health codes, and after having their temperatures taken to ensure that these do not exceed 37.3 degrees.


Since performance resumed on August 21, Dongpo Theatre had arranged to present five high-quality hard core stand-up comedies to gradually restore the past artistic atmosphere and the joy and laughter of the audience to the Theatre.


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