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Did you confess your love during Qixi Festival?
Release Date:August 26,2020
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With Qixi Festival just behind us, many people must have created beautiful memories.

On this day, numerous shopping malls under Yintai Group held a variety of cultural activities to celebrate the festival, including modern band performances, retro-style activities like classical ancient clothing experience, theme art exhibitions, brave love confession initiatives... each with their distinctive features that left customers with a deep impression.

During this year’s Qixi Festival, Yintai in77 chose to celebrate it in the form of artistic love confessions by holding a global video art exhibition with the theme of “The Art of Love: Intimacy”.



With the theme of “Enjoying Sweetness during Qixi Festival”, Wangfujing in88 launched the topical event of “Big challenges on words of love” via Weibo, and held photography exhibitions and DIY floral arrangement activities, celebrating the festival in the form of bouquets, images, lyrics, and writings.



Unlike other modern styles of celebration, Western Hangzhou Intime City traced back to the source of Qixi Festival this year, with a focus on ancient clothing experience. It also held a match-making temple fair.



Dongyang Intime City attached more importance to practical actions, holding a Qixi Gala with the theme of “Super Sweet Love”, which featured a fashion show organized by jewelers, underwear brands, and wedding planners. Two couples’ marriage proposals lifted the romantic atmosphere at the event to a peak.



Qiandao Lake Intime City partnered with professional organizers this time around, hosting a mesmerizing Hanfu theme photography exhibition and “Lovebirds Bridge Meetup” blind date series games.



Chengdu Intime City embraced customized love confessions this year. Based on earlier street surveys focusing on respondents’ different choices for Qixi Festival, it came up with a diverse of solutions for people to easily confess their love.


If you still have no idea on how to celebrate the next festival, why not make a visit to your local Yintai store first. You may get exceptional feelings and inspirations while having great fun there.

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