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Shen Guojun visits Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing to offer work guidance
Release Date:September 9,2020
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Shen Guojun, CPPCC National Committee member, Executive Chairman of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Honorary Life President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Founder and Chairman of Yintai Group visited Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing on September 7 to offer work guidance. Shen held in-depth exchanges with Yu Weijiao, current Chairman of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, on the organization’s epidemic prevention, work resumption and management services since early this year and key work plans going forward.


Yu gave a detailed introduction about the work ideas and outcomes of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing in terms of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of operations, member services, external exchanges, and internal management since the beginning of the year and briefed on key work plans regarding the organization’s efforts to build a think tank, improve IT construction, develop a headquarters tower and cultivate new-generation entrepreneurs.


Shen offered his full recognition of the leadership team’s working ideas and the organization’s achievements. Shen said that since the beginning of this year, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing has adopted a multi-pronged approach to international relations, think tank construction, and member services, delivering impressive outcomes. By adhering to the philosophy of “giving top priority to patriotism and spirit of contract, being a bold trendsetter, and pursuing steady progress with a far-reaching vision,” the organization has pooled resources of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, gathered brilliant ideas across the country, facilitated win-win collaborations, said Shen. By giving full play to its role as a platform, the organization has created a warm and cohesive networking club for Zhejiang entrepreneurs in Beijing. Shen is hopeful that with the new leadership taking the helm, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing will make greater achievements, delivering greater contribution to high-quality growth of Beijing-based Zhejiang entrepreneurs, local economy and even the national economy.


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