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Just do it! Mentoring, coaching, training!
Release Date:September 10,2020
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From September 4 to September 5, Yintai Retails held its first 2020 training camp for inhouse mentors at Yintai in77, in a bid to support key business executives to play a more effective role in mentoring, coaching, and training juniors, especially in terms of corporate culture dissemination, presentation and training on corporate policies and procedures, sharing of organizational experience, talent training and knowledge transfer. 30 key business executives at Yintai Retails participated in the training sessions.


This training camp for internal mentors invited Zhao Haihe, an instructor of TTT international “train the trainers” program, with modular topics covering micro-course development, wonderful openings, masterful interactions, flexible field control, vivid lecturing, and meaningful endings.

Following two days of training, the trainees were all officially certified as trainers. They are ready to be instructors of knowledge and skills, disseminators of corporate culture, and promoters of management innovations, thereby contributing to the prosperity and growth of Yintai Group as a whole.







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