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Yintai Philanthropy | 2020 Nature reserves directory updated
Release Date:September 15,2020
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The Land Trust Alliance updated the nature reserves directory in 2020. Of the nature reserves recommended by the 26 Alliance members, those that met the preliminary criteria were assessed according to the Nature Reserves Guide.

An estimated 51 nature reserves covering 10,311 km2 were included in the 2020 nature reserves directory. Another five with potential but failed to meet the criteria were included in the tentative list.

A nature reserve is a new way of protecting nature reserves that leverages the strength of public welfare. It is supervised by the government, and the people manage and coordinate its protection and development. The Land Trust Alliance is a network jointly founded in 2017 by 24 philanthropic organizations including Yintai Foundation, and the Paradise International Foundation, with the hope that social strength focused on philanthropic conservation will help promote nature reserve development in China so that 1% of the nation’s land area can be jointly protected effectively.

 2020 Nature Reserves Directory



2020 Nature Reserves tentative list


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